Spare Husband Handyman & Computer Services

Do you need a Spare Husband to install and repair items in your home?

Is your husband too busy (or unable to) fix things in house? Guys are you too hectic or tired, or don't have the right tools? Then you need a Spare Husband.

Companies and office parks, townhouse and cluster complexes are offered a reduced rate for regular services.

We provide Handyman Services to fix, repair and install:

  • toolboxCupboards, windows, doors, locks, curtain rails
  • Computers laptops and internet access
  • Toilets, showers, taps
  • Lamps, light fittings and switches
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Glass, glazing, skylights and showers
  • Tile floors, walls, patios, kitchens, bathrooms, offices
  • Kitchen and Bathroom renovations
  • pots of paint
  • Swimming pool and pool equipment
  • Sprinkler and irrigation systems
  • LCD or Plasma TV bracket and antennas
  • Childproofing products, garage doors and motors
  • Garage shelves, tool holders, shelving
  • Install and move Drywalls, white boards, ceilings and partitions
  • Roofing, doors, decking, dry walling, wooden floors, skirting
  • and more.

We can also:

  • Setup TV, remote controls, PS2, iPad, Xbox, cellphonesgarage shelving
  • Hang pictures, paintings, mirrors, curtains, poles, rails
  • Weld broken metal, design and install metal gates, burglar bars, security
  • Provide Tree felling
  • Lubricate anything and remove rust
  • Painting of walls, windows, doors, roof, ceilings or furniture
  • Repair cracks, damp and holes
  • Repair woodwork, replace doors and all Carpentry services
  • Plaster or Rhinolite and build walls
  • or refer certified electricians, garden landscaper, when needed.

We provide Computer and IT Services :

  • Configure, repair and install - Onsite or Remote support services
  • Install and configure internet access : WiFi, Adsl, Fibre FTTH, 3G, LTE, Wireless link, redundant links. Installation and configuration of Wifi extenders.
  • Router, WiFi, PC, GamesCreate a website and register your own domain name
  • Host websites, blogs
  • Configure emails, Spam control
  • Remove viruses
  • Install anti-virus software
  • Setup, extend and optimise Wifi around your home or business
  • Backup and move data
  • On Personal Computers, laptops, smart cell phones, Android and Mac
Operating Areas

Serving Sandton, Johannesburg North, Midrand and Randburg - anywhere within a 15 km radius of our base in Lonehill, where we have established a reputation as a competent and trustworthy company. Covered by Business Outsurance with over R 1 million public liability, defective workmanship, and custody and control cover.

HOCl Disinfectant

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Then Contact us now to assist, and get that to-do list, painting or renovation done.